Superhero Cake

Superhero cake with Batman, Superman and Spiderman elements

The superhero phase, like death and taxes, seems inevitable. Embrace it by inviting the whole justice league to appear on your cake!

photo of birthday boy with superman 5 on tee shirt, name tag, and cake

The Super 5 becomes the party logo.
(More importantly, should I go back to shoulder length hair? )

This is a standard vanilla sheet cake on the bottom (Spider-Man), plus two cut-out chocolate cakes on top (the Batman and Superman pieces). I used an entire jar of Christmas red gel food coloring to inch the frosting over the fuchsia line into scarlet territory, and had stained fingertips for days to show for it. Store-bought black gel frosting was used for the web and other details. The Superman 5 became a logo for the party, appearing not only on the cake, but also the invitations, name tags, and a t-shirt for the birthday boy. Found some great free comic fonts for the invitation and other themed items at Blambot.


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